About Caroline McGee

Body work expert Caroline McGee is a highly qualified and experienced teacher of awareness through movement. Her work encourages a renewed connection of body and mind.

An inspirational educator, her teaching style is vital, engaging, energetic, and focused. Caroline’s work offers firm foundations and clear principles of movement and stillness within Pilates. She skilfully promotes the understanding and necessity of body awareness, core stability, and balance.

Her work with young people is a highly regarded compliment to conventional learning. Her clients include performers, athletes, teachers, group and one-to-one classes open to all comers.

Caroline’s work helps create the physical and psychological means by which to increase your own personal and professional success.

Caroline McGee

Caroline McGee

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Pilates Life offers a range of classes to suit the individual in East Sussex.

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“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power” Joseph Pilates