Mat Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core muscles while also training your arms and legs. Mat Pilates is based on the original exercises Joseph Pilates developed to strengthen his own body as a very young man and then began teaching others. The Mat work came before any of the Pilates equipment Joe developed. It includes over 500 exercises and can be practiced anywhere. Mat Pilates can be modified for any age, body, or fitness level. It is even possible to practice the modifications of the Mat work in a chair.


Pilates is a mind, body, and spirit practice with benefits that include improved posture, better coordination and balance, increased lung capacity, improved concentration and focus, increased body awareness, stress management, and injury prevention. Mat work is a great choice for everyone from beginners to advanced  because the exercises not only can build in difficulty, but every exercise can be modified to decrease or increase the level of challenge. Practicing Mat Pilates helps build a strong, balanced body and increases flexibility. As you progress in your practice you will notice improvements in breathing, focus, stress management, and body awareness. Mat pilates is good because you only need your own body, a mat, and some floor space to start!


Mat Pilates classes are a great option for those new to a Pilates practice. Group classes and private sessions taught by a trained Pilates teacher are offered in Pilates studios and also some gyms. Pilates is not quite like anything you’ve ever done before in the best ways possible. Take your time and don’t assume you are going to use the same muscles you’ve used in every other form of exercise you’ve ever done. Allow yourself to slow down and to make movements smaller versus using what you may feel is your full range of motion to be able to focus on deliberate movement.

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do every exercise perfectly. Pilates is called a practice for a reason – it requires focus and dedication. Don’t be afraid to get on the mat and try some of the exercises daily at home. You can mix it up and do a live class and a zoom?

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