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Please contact Caroline for further information on the 1-2-1 tailored home exercise programme. Please click on fees for more information on pricing for these classes.

I teach 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 at the studio

Statement from the client pictured:

“I have attended 2 pilates lessons each week for eight weeks and the difference to my natural posture and general awareness of my body is amazing.

I had one 1-to-1 lessons and one group lesson each week where Caroline worked on the various areas of my posture that needed attention. I have always had rounded shoulders and my neck would naturally lean back forcing my chin up. I had a rotation in my hips when standing still and and S shaped spine as I stood with my stomach sticking out and my shoulders hunched forward. After years of bad posture I was not able to stand up with a straight back and neck even when I tried.
Caroline addressed all of these areas and more and gave me specific gentle exercises to do at home which targeted the areas of concern.

The first change I noticed was that I was able to put my shoulders back so that my back was flat, without my shoulder blades protruding. When I get up in the morning now, my shoulders will now naturally fall down my back into place rather than hunching up and forward. My neck has become much stronger and I feel that it is more controlled. It is no longer comfortable to stick my chin out. I am more aware of the rotation in my hips now which seems to be as a result of the way I stand on my feet and this has improved as well. All of these factors have completely changed the shape of my body when I stand naturally my body is much straighter, without the old S shape.
Some people have said I look taller, others say I look slimmer and lots of people have noticed how my posture has improved.
Caroline has given me a sound understanding of Pilates and it is now a part of my weekly life that I look forward to.

Thanks Caroline – you’ve performed a miracle!”

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