I was a very sceptical man who thought that Pilates was for ladies in Lycra but my wife kept trying to persuade me to go and give it a try to help with a recurrent bad back. Well I can tell you it works ! Caroline is an excellent teacher who has given me a range of exercises to help strengthen my core and back and so I am a convert. I thoroughly recommend Pilates to any sceptical men out there !

Robert Corbett

Sailor - East Dean

Outstanding Teacher

John Limpus

Owner Urban Vitality Fitness, London

Best Ever Pilates teacher!!!

Oriele Frank

Co-Founder, Elemis London

Great teachers are very rare and Caroline is one of them.  Professional, experienced, inspirational. How lucky are we to have found her.

Kathy Phillips

This Works Founder, London (July 2020)

Professional progressive pilates classes in a beautiful studio.

Jason Paterson

Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapist, Eastbourne

I’ve been doing pilates online with Caroline since the beginning of lockdown and I have found her classes to be very therapeutic both physically and mentally, not to say challenging. She has an extraordinary ability to make each member of the class feel special with personal attention given to each & everyone. I have done a lot of pilates/yoga/fitness in my time and she is by far the best teacher I’ve come across. She gives very clear instructions and always pushes you. She’s also lots of fun.

Rosemary McGowen

TV Producer, London (July 2020)

Caroline is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had! She is challenging, fun and above all extremely knowledgeable and therefore very safe to work with.  I trust her implicitly, unlike other Pilates teachers I’ve had in the past who have encouraged clients to take risks, Caroline ensures everyone is safe and working within their abilities.  She watches constantly and makes adjustments. My back is transformed since starting with Caroline, much more flexible, pain free and mobile.  I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough, thanks so much for all the hard work!

Jo Bayles

GP - Alfriston (May 2020)

When I met Caroline, I was in pain with a damaged muscle, in my right arm. I had a limited range of motion and had to cease swimming, as I could not lift my arm to shoulder height; meeting Caroline changed my health and my life. 

With regular practice of Pilates, my arm has long since healed and I am swimming again; I saw an improvement within 3 months and this was due, in no uncertain terms, to Caroline’s dedicated, excellent teaching. 

Having had good teachers, for various interests that I pursue, I recognise excellence and with no hesitation, I can say that there simply could not be a finer, more committed and compassionate teacher of Pilates. I am so lucky to have found her.

Caroline does not teach a class, without being able to see every student, where she can properly correct alignment of the body; all delivered with Caroline’s wry humour (always welcome during class).

If anyone believes that Pilates is an easy option, or that it’s a ‘bit like Yoga’, I encourage you to try Pilates with Caroline; your health and wellbeing will thank you for it.

Susan Lahache

Senior Careers Adviser (June 2020), Stone Cross

Caroline is an inspirational and dedicated teacher, she concentrates carefully on each person in the class attending to thier own individual strengths and weaknesses. The results are quite phenomenal! I can even reach down to put on my socks now….

Gill Morris

East Dean (April 2020)

I started pilates with Caroline 3 months ago, as a real beginner, and it has already had a huge impact. I feel so much more flexible already and my chronic hip flexor pain, which I’ve had for 7 or 8 years, has disappeared. I am a surgeon and spend long hours standing at sometimes difficult angles but pausing to re-align myself is so much easier to do now and I can sense that I am developing the core strength to maintain a good posture for much longer. For the first time in many years I am proud of my body and what it can achieve. Caroline does wonders! She is funny and strict in turns, and immensely astute, spotting from the back of the room what I may be doing wrong. Her classes have a great pace and are always varied and challenging – you can really feel them working. I have had back pain in the past and am always wary of hurting myself with poor stretches or core exercises but Caroline is clearly a real expert and everything we do in class feels safe and effective. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Alex Barnacle

Surgeon - London (March 2020)

I was already in my sixties when I discovered Pilates. Didn’t have my first lesson with Caroline til 2007. It was a revelation! Made me realise all my previous teachers had been incompetent – verging on dangerous. Her lessons always leave me feeling somewhat tired – but inspired. My arthritis (exacerbated by 30 years of several hours competitive badminton every week) has steadily worsened – more so over the past two and a half years when Caroline was too many miles away for me to attend her classes – she had always been mindful of my limitations – protecting me while still encouraging me to push myself with moves I could achieve and improve on. Thirteen years later, having become accessible through online classes, she still amazes me. These days I approach her classes with a mix of optimism and trepidation – but after eight weeks of consistent classes I find my confidence has increased and the arthritic joints are not just less painful – they are unbelievably more flexible.  All I can say is – Thank you, Caroline!

Sandy Renton

Badminton Player - London (May 2020)

The only upside of coronavirus is finding Caroline’s lessons. I really enjoy them after a day at the desk and my husband has also become a great fan. Straighter and maybe a little more bendy now after a few classes I would be happy to recommend Pilates with Caroline to anyone. If her studio ever is allowed to reopen I would love to attend.

Genny Luxmore

London (May 2020)

I always thought pilates was a soft option. Carolines are like boot camp! I have had back problems for years but my back problems have almost disappeared. Caroline really pushes you to your best while keeping a very vigilant eye on your safety. Have been crying laughing which is an added bonus.  These classes are amazing.

Rose Mostyn

Vet - Crowlink

For more than thirty years, ever since I was in my teens, I have pursued physical fitness in one form or another.  I have not found a regime that works quite as well as Pilates.  I don’t have muscles now that I didn’t used to have.  What I have is muscles that work more efficiently and co-operatively than they used to do, with visible results being a happy by-product of that.  Everything that my daily sedentary deskbound work routine inflicts upon my body, all the kinks and bends and hunches and aches, Pilates undoes.  Caroline teaches with diligence, patience and the occasional biting wit, bringing improvement to students of all ages and abilities in an enviably appointed studio on the south coast.

James Lovegrove


I have been going to Pilates with Caroline twice a week for over a year now. Each lesson is focused and she manages to individualy bring out our own strengths and weaknesses. She even knows when we are moving incorrectly when her back is to us! We also have a bit of a laugh and I certainly feel much stronger and fitter, it’s all excellent.

Nicola Godin

Nurse - Jevington

I’ve only recently joined Caroline’s Pilates and now look forward to her Monday morning class. A lovely teacher and I appreciate the individual input she gives, so as to get the most from each exercise.

Crystal Prescott

East Dean

Really enjoy the classes, Caroline is a great teacher, has done wonders for me.

Loretta Nolan


Caroline is a wonderful person and has done lots of things before any of us had thought of them or they were trendy including becoming a pilates instructor. Im sure to do one of her classes in the fantastic setting of the Crowlink studio would be an amazing experience…although be warned, she wont let you slack off!

Philippa Lacey


Caroline is a brilliant and inspirational instructor with the fit, lithe body of a teenage ballet dancer. This is obviously annoying or aspirational depending on your point of view. However with wit, humour and empathy she helps you realise levels of fitness and suppleness you thought you could only dream of. Caroline seems to intuitively know both what you’re capable of and how to make this happen and so enables you to live life to the full in a fit and healthy body. I am particularly grateful because soon after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis she pointed out I could “use it or lose it!” (the expletives are missing!) and showed me exercises I could comfortably manage. I do these in conjunction with Iyengar Yoga and ten years on am still mobile.

Elizabeth Kinder


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