Over Lockdown many of us had to recreate ourselves and learn to teach in a different way. Zoom Online was my new chosen platform for online teaching.  It has been hugely successful. I have a huge screen, so there still no place to hide!  Some people are choosing to do a combination of zoom and live, and many, for distance reasons are sticking with zoom.  There are currently 5 zoom classes a week, one of which is with small equipment.

I have learned to teach flow classes, with an eye to detail, giving a huge amount of verbals cues – focusing on the control and exactness of movement as much as is physically possible, on a screen. As many people are more visual in their understanding and learning, I have had to learn, with this new method of teaching, how to move, talk, observe and correct all at the same time. It has had its challenges, however 18 months in, we have all improved together!








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